Friday, July 27, 2012

And so the beginning of the end

   My name is Amber and I love food. I've attempted this blog three different times, and it's always resorted to listless rambling without direction because that's where I found myself quite often.
   Not this time! Since having my son I've realized that there isn't enough time to think about the things I want without working to get them. I just finished my second semester of college yesterday (Yay!), and I've come to the startling conclusion that while I love my major and would settle for a career in psychology, the reality is it's not what I am passionate about (though I WILL still be working towards a masters degree at the very least). I am passionate about my family. I am passionate about helping people find happiness, but not in the way I thought. I am passionate about food.
   I love eating, of course, but mostly I love baking. I love it so much it's almost gross. I am constantly thinking about new flavor ideas, jotting down recipes, looking for inspiration everywhere, and perpetually improving things I've already come up with until I hit that perfect harmony of flavors.
   For as long as I can remember I've loved clothes and food. I was the kid that wanted to help cook, even though it meant having to do the dishes. I was the teen that made their younger sibling's birthday cakes while everyone else went to the movies. I was the high school drop-out with no focus, working graveyard fast food jobs and loving it because I got to create insane desserts using the shake machine and fryers when the manager left for the night. Now I'm the mom who has a little boy that sits in front of the oven on her lap, watching cakes rise and eclaires puff up and breads reach that perfect deep golden brown. I'm the college student that takes new recipe creations to share with the class every time I can afford it.
   Lately that hasn't been often. We've been extremely broke, looking for jobs for over 6 months now, living on about $50 a week to feed the three of us. We've been in worse circumstances, and being here now I feel compelled to finally go after the thing that I'm passionate about. I want to bake for a living.
   I've had no formal training, but that's ok. I understand food on a primal level. I don't want to work for a stiff bakery with menu limitations. In this economy opening a bakery would be a huge risk, and I have no savings. I don't want a traditional bakery anyway. I want to open a dessert truck. Finding myself I made a lot of mistakes. My credit isn't great. Still, I KNOW I can do this.
   I've started doing the research into what it's going to take to start this business. I've read the Health and Welfare food code guide, I've looked into the tax forms and assumed business name process, I've done tons of research on start-up costs and truck types and commercial kitchens. I'm ready.
   Luckily I have a fiance that supports my goals. He wants to be a part of this and knows how hard I'm willing to work to accomplish everything. I want to bake. I want to bake every day for other people. I love seeing people eat great food that makes them smile. I want to offer affordable bites of happiness. So I will. And once a week, every Saturday starting tomorrow, I'll update this blog with my progress. It may take a while, but it's so beyond worth it.

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