Saturday, July 28, 2012

So many details!

   Starting a business involves so many little details I never would have thought of had I just jumped in without doing research. I can't imagine not spending a HUGE chunk of my time learning about all the laws, permits, qualifications, and details that I need to immerse myself in to do this correctly.
   So far I have a notebook of information all nice and neat, bookmarks to legal resources, contact pages for small business assistance, tax and accounting forms, permit forms from health and welfare, the FDA, and various other government sources. I know what it's going to take as far as paperwork now, and while it is a lot, I am not daunted. I am in fact more driven to accomplish this.
   I'm working on initial start-up costs right now, including permit costs, rough estimate of raw ingredients, insurance, commercial kitchen usage, a truck or trailer... so far the cost is adding up really fast. We have very little in terms of money, so I'm looking into various avenues of funding. I was thinking about starting a Kickstarter, but I'm not sure if my dream is really worth backing to anyone.
   My end goal is to have a dessert truck. I want to make the goods in a commercial kitchen, so my truck doesn't need to be a mobile kitchen, just a catering truck, but I love the big, boxy trucks with the window and everything on display. I have a specific aesthetic. I love girly, sexy things. I want the truck to be bright pink with a dark-haired pin up girl wearing an apron holding a strawberry tart on the side next to the window. I want it to have my business name, Dirty Little Tarts, in teal. For the menu I want to use chalkboard paint to paint big circles in bright colors in the free space to write the menu on every day.
   I've been thinking about all the recipes I need to write down in order to figure out what the best ones are and what I'll be selling. I'm tempted to put all the recipes on this blog. I feel like if I write more often I update my progress, I'll be more motivate to succeed. I'm thinking I'll put up a recipe or two a week, when I have time.
   We have to make it to September, and then we'll be financially stable again. I'm waiting on a call back about a job I had a phone interview for yesterday. They are closed until Monday, so I'm holding out. If they don't call by 1pm I'm going to call and check in. Once we're on solid ground I'll be able to start investing in this business. That should give me time to get a handful of recipes on here.
   I don't have time to add one now. I'm getting ready to go on a girl's night out with my best friend. In fact, I'm running late now. I just said I was going to write every Saturday and I'm sticking to it. Tomorrow I'll add at least one recipe. I'm thinking saffron cardamom muffins with honey-pistachio topping. Yummy. Then again, maybe I'll post something a little more... sinful than muffins.

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