Monday, September 3, 2012

Shameful confession time.

   Our internet has been back on for a while now. While it was off we were going crazy from boredom. See, it wasn't just our internet, but also our TV and phone. For over 2 weeks. The only movies we had were Cars and Finding Nemo, which Cooper wanted to watch CONSTANTLY. I'm still hearing them in my sleep.

   All that aside, I haven't posted a single thing since our life was reconnected. I know, I know. All that gumption was gone just like that and I'm a little ashamed. I ended up having things to do. Like take my son to the park and make a new friend, and bake cookies just for fun, and go on a LoL binge for the last 3 days while Cooper was with his grandparents, and watch some awesome movies and some not-so-awesome ones which were still worth watching at least once. Any parents out there know that What to Expect When You're Expecting was AWESOME, but to any non-parents out there I can imagine it was cute but not great. It made me cry.

   That being said, I'll try to update with more recipes. Brandon and I both got some exciting news about jobs, and we've been crazy busy, but I'll do my best. Cooper comes home tomorrow, but maybe I'll post something easy, like MEGA SOFT SNICKERDOODLES. Seriously. Brandon says they are so soft it's like eating clouds of cinnamon-sugar flavored nothing. They are really fluffy and good. Right now, however, I owe my man some snuggle time while we eat the papas he fried up and watch a movie.

   Side note, after watching the movie, Brandon and I had a serious talk about the future. Now that I'm making progress with school, even if it is temporarily put on hold while my financial aid gets untangled, and we both have jobs, we're thinking we want a year or two of not just financial stability, but an opportunity to save, and then we want to have more babies. We don't want Cooper to be too much older than baby number 2 (we're hoping it'll be a Penelope, since we can't agree on another boy name and Brandon wants a girl soooo bad) but we definitely want to be done with diapers for Cooper and be able to support everyone more comfortable than we are now. We decided that if we're ready around the time Coops is 3, we'll give it a shot, and if not, we'll get Cooper a puppy for his birthday. I don't want to be training a puppy while pregnant or taking care of a newborn. But as much as I love Ray, I think we need a big dog. Maybe a giant schnauzer.

   Night world!

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