Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll tell you why: Because I'm a bit of a masochist.

I feel I should preface this by letting everyone know that I am allergic to cats. Itchy skin, congested sinuses, swollen eyes, mild asthma attacks, misery allergic. Growing up we always had cats anyway, and I just made sure to take my allergy meds and asthma meds and not to pet the animals unless I had doubled up on my allergy pill. Since being with Brandon, we've had one cat. We had her for a little over 2 years before we had to move and couldn't take her with us, and so we had to give her up, which is a bitter and sad story because I loved that cat, and up until the day of the move had been told we could keep her with us. I guess minds just change all of a sudden like that...

Anyway, once LeeLou was gone, I didn't have to have an excessive amount of pills in my cupboard or chemicals in my body, which was nice even though I missed what I considered to be a little member of my family. We decided to never get another cat. Oh, sure. I helped a stray, but we didn't KEEP Toe, for the very reason we decided cats were out of the question. And I was happy with that decision.

Cooper started hanging out at my mom's house, and suddenly became VERY aware of kitties. He wanted every one he came across. He loved them. He'd ask, "Please, mom? Please kitty?" And I, being the sucker of a parent I am, decided to bring it up to Brandon. "Just one little kitten for Cooper. It's smaller than the puppy we were going to get him next year, and easier to take care of, and clean up after." So he said ok. We should both be punch firmly in the head and told to use our brains.

Last night we brought home a few things from my mother's. Cooper got a new toddler bed, so we can get rid of the old twin sized bed he has been sleeping on, that is wretchedly uncomfortable and ugly. He now has an Elmo bed, and he's very excited about it. We also brought home some food for Brandon, who was extremely cranky when Cooper and I got home. Joy. Most importantly, we brought home Cooper's new kitten, Milo.

This morning I am an allergic wreck. I have no meds to help cut the symptoms, other than my handy inhaler, which I needed twice last night. Milo is cute, and very sweet, but I already dislike him for something he has zero control over. Cooper, however, adores him and is supremely happy. Momma's going to have to go buy some allergy pills. Sigh.

Other than being a complete idiot about my health for the sake of my child's happiness, I think I'm doing ok as a mom. I just need to get better at saying no to things that he doesn't need that make mommy feel like poop. I could have gotten him a stuffed cat and I'm sure he would have been happy with that too. Hindsight.

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