Monday, November 26, 2012

Let's look into how we can make this the best holiday season ever!

   It already started off on a positive. Thanksgiving was awesome. We went to my mom's, and this is the first year since I was pregnant with Cooper that no one was uncomfortable. When we go to my dad's, Brandon has never really felt welcome, so he doesn't go over there anymore. He and my dad and stepmother just don't see eye to eye. It's the same with Brandon's family and I. We have a pretty intense history. I'm pretty content with where we're at right now. I have no contact with them, and then no one is uncomfortable. They see Cooper when Brandon is in town, and that's a good thing, because even though I don't want to immerse myself in their lives anymore, they are really good to Cooper, and I'm glad Brandon didn't write them off and walk away from them just because I have differences with them that have proven to be irreconcilable.
   I feel like my family is in a really good place right now in general. Brandon has been working really hard, and found a job he enjoys and is good at. He doesn't love it every day, but most days he comes home in a good mood and tells me about all the stuff he enjoyed about his day and things that made him laugh. It's hard for him to be away from Cooper after being the stay-at-home parent since Cooper was 3 months old, but he feels good finally being able to provide financially. I'm proud of him. As for being a stay-at-home mom, it's an adjustment, but Cooper and I are doing awesome together during the day. I love being the parent at home. It's hard work, harder than any job I've had, but it's the best.
   Every morning around 8 my baby climbs into bed with me and wakes me up with cuddles, asking for breakfast. I make oatmeal or eggs and bacon and English muffins, and we eat breakfast together and play with his cars. Then I do some dishes while Cooper plays with Raymond and his toys. We get dressed and go for a walk or if it's yucky out we play hide and seek, then home for a snack and more playing and coloring. We have lunch around 1, and nap time is at 2. Usually he sleeps for at least an hour and a half, so I can do more dishes and clean up his disaster in the living room from playing all morning and stringing out EVERY TOY HE OWNS. Then I get a little bit of mommy time, which I feel is pretty important for maintaining my sanity. I usually read a little bit or get on the mom forum I just joined, CafeMom. When Coop gets up we eat again and I get out what I'll need to make dinner so Brandon can sit and eat and relax when he gets home. Usually after his nap, Cooper wants to watch a movie or just sit and color. He's a morning baby, and even after his nap, he's burnt out. Until daddy gets home. Then he's so excited to see his FAVORITE PERSON EVER that he's bouncing off the walls again. We all eat dinner together, and play for a while, and watch a movie until Cooper goes to bed around 10. That gives Brandon and I about 2 hours for grown up time before we go to bed. It's a pretty boss schedule.
   Cooper loves to cook and bake with me. Which is awesome because it gives me the opportunity to do those things without having to keep him entertained or worry about him getting into stuff. He likes to pour what I measure, stir things together, taste everything, everything, and run around with potholders on his hands screaming "CRAB CLAW" and getting me.
   I'm lucky Cooper is such a happy, easygoing baby. I'm lucky Brandon is such an incredible dad, and I'm glad I can be the best mom I know how and have the most exceptional child I could hope for. This isn't even just proud momma talk. My son says please and thank you, he is affectionate, he is brave, he's thoughtful of other's feelings, he loves animals and cooking and counting and drawing and music... I could not ask for a better child, and I could not be prouder of my little boy. I'm so excited to see who he grows up to be.
   We're almost caught up, and then by February we'll be ahead. By a lot. I'm a pretty lucky lady. I'm glad we'll be ahead, because we're going to need it around Brandon's birthday, and for all the stuff we have planned for the summer. It's stressful, but all worth it.

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