Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today is a much better day.

   We all got some much needed sleep, and are in top form. It's nice. Cooper is being his usual, fun-loving, mellow self. Now that it's warming up we're spending a lot of time outside. He is my little sunshine boy. He would much rather be outside in the sun and the dirt than indoors watching TV. He's already getting a little tan, and I'm going to have to start sun-blocking him like crazy more than once a day here pretty soon.
   He's such a funny little thing. He loves to be helpful. He wants to help do dishes and laundry and pick up the living room. It makes him feel good to be helping me. We high-five a lot, and turn the music up really loud and dance and do productive things, and then we go outside and have a snack and he rides his bike all over the place. Some days are hard. Some days are really hard. some days being a parent is like running the gauntlet of madness. The majority of days make up for it a million fold, though. I love my little goon. My little sunshine baby.
   Baby 2 is getting big. I can feel a lot more movement, and it's awesome. It seems like time is slowing down the closer I get to being done. I'm 15 weeks away from my due date and Brandon's birthday, and I'm just starting to get hit with reality, that we're having another baby, and that it's approaching rapidly. The more reality creeps in, the slower the days go, as if to say, "Oh, you are getting really excited and anxious? Let's see how long you can survive these feelings as their intensity increases before your head explodes."
   Today has been a burning curiosity day, too. I want to meet this baby and find out if it's a boy or a girl, get to know them, watch them figure out how to be a person, watch their personality grow every day. I want both of my children to know how very much I love them and watching them become whoever they turn out to be. I hope they know that.
   I think I'm starting too many projects lately. I need to s    l    o    w        d    o    w    n. I've picked two to focus on. The cloth diapers, and our garden. Brandon is really excited, and told me yesterday that he's already budgeted in everything we need for a big container garden this year. I'm really excited. Saturday we're going to the street market downtown and I'm going to start getting local plants. I want at least 4 types of heirloom tomatoes, 2 types of strawberries, 3 types of peppers, my usual 8-10 herbs, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, peas, and maybe blueberries. I was also thinking about doing onions and garlic this year. Who knows. It depends on how ambitious I'm feeling as far as how big the garden gets this year. I might even grow more things if possible.
   I think everyone should grow things at some point. Especially produce. There is something so rewarding about making things grow and getting to eat a warm tomato picked fresh or juicy strawberries still dewey from being watered. I think Cooper is really going to like helping. We're going to get him a little Cars gardening set with a "gas can" watering can, a pair of little gloves, and a trowel. I'll teach him how to prune and care for one of the plants that will just be his. I'm thinking a tomato plant, since he LOVES tomatoes, and they are pretty easy to take care of. He'll like that.
   Cooper's napping, so I'm going to hop in a shower while I can.

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