Friday, December 28, 2012

Planning and budgeting and planning some more.

   So much to do. Always so  much to do. My house was spotless on the 23rd, but it's chaos again after Christmas, and I still haven't caught up. Between the dinner we had here for Inez and Charlie, then the dinner here on Christmas for our friends, virtually every dish in our home was dirtied, and must be washed and dried by hand. Most of them need a good soaking first. I'm getting through them slowly, but it seems like an avalanche of dirty dishes and it gets sort of overwhelming to do 3 loads in a row and not see a dent in the endless stacks. I need to step back and adjust my perspective sometimes and remind myself that progress seems slow now, but by the end of today my kitchen will be clean again. Not just the dishes, but the counter, the stove, the floors... I'll get everything done because it's really not as bad as it looks. Break everything down into smaller, easy to do tasks and suddenly the overwhelming becomes totally doable.
   After that it's time to clean the living room. Cooper has toys tossed about every which way. Silly airhead Brandon often forgets to carry his dishes to the sink after snacking late at night and eating breakfast in the morning, so I have a few more dishes to add to the pile. Friends dropping by leaving coke cans on every horizontal surface because they seem to forget we have a trash can. It's all good though. Easy to remedy with a trash bag and an extra couple minutes. Cooper likes to help clean anyway, as long as I'm not asking for help cleaning up his toys. He likes them out, or something, because he just won't do it.
   I'm going to get 3 loads of laundry minimum done today unless the neighbors decide they need to do theirs. Technically it's not my day, but we have come to the agreement that when one of us needs it, just use it, and if the other needs it as well, take turns. It's a great arrangement. I really like the upstairs neighbors.
   The mom forum I'm part of, CafeMom, has been really entertaining, and from time to time, helpful. Still, sometimes I read things and it makes me so sad. The way people treat each other is not ok sometimes.
   Lately I've been working on the budget. Brandon hates making a budget, and I happen to be good at it. We've learned a lot about money management and financial responsibility over the last few years, and we're applying it, and it feels good. We're getting everything caught up and we're making plans. It's lovely. I've made my baby registry, since everything we had for Cooper we gave to other families that needed it as he outgrew it, but we have a budget that will allow us to get everything on it even if we don't have a baby shower and no one buys us anything. I felt scummy having a baby shower with Cooper, opening gifts and such. I don't really like receiving gifts. So unless someone is dead set on throwing us a shower this time, I'm just going to skip it. I feel like having a second one is just being greedy, since we SHOULD have most of what we need from having Cooper. The fact that we don't is entirely my fault as I am the one that gave everything away, and a practical person would have kept it.
   My Cooper is awake!!! He's growing, so he's been sleeping a lot. I'm so excited he's up! Time to go play!

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