Monday, December 31, 2012

Worst Chinese food we've had in ages.

   Brandon got a commission bonus from his work, on a prepaid debit card. We're doing so well, and we weren't expecting the extra money, so we decided to splurge since it wouldn't hurt the budget. We ordered Chinese in, which we used to do every other week or so when we lived in Boise. We had tried almost every restaurant in town, and had a couple we really liked and always ordered from.
   Chinese is one of those few foods you don't mess with. When you find a good place, you stick with it, because odds are you won't find another you like as well. That said, when we moved here to Nampa, we were really upset about having to leave our favorite places a town away, and being outside of their delivery zone. There is a place a couple blocks from our house, but looking at their menu made me cringe, so we avoided it. A few people recommended it, so finally last night we gave it a shot. It was a mistake. It was so overpriced it was ridiculous. The portions were tiny. The fried rice was over cooked, the mandarin sauce was cloyingly sweet with an acrid, bitter after taste. The chicken was soggy. The chow mein was basically celery in a thick white sauce with a couple shreds of pork on top. No noodles. It was just bad. Never again will we order from Hong Kong restaurant. It was dismal.
   I'm excited to move out of this town. I want to go back to Boise until I'm done with school. We're working on having the funds to move this summer, but in case we can't, we're moving next summer at the latest. I'm worried about a new baby in this house though. We don't have a bath tub, air conditioning, or much room. We'll make do, I'm sure, but it's not something I'm looking forward to living through if need be. Hopefully after buying a car and all the baby stuff we need, we'll have enough to move into an actual house, with a fenced yard, where we can stay for the 4 or so years until I'm done with school. I want to be able to get Cooper a puppy in a few years. And I am desperate for a dishwasher. Well, one that's not named Amber, anyway.
   Brandon wants to move, but he's already so stressed about the baby that he's trying not to add any more to his plate, so we're not really discussing it seriously yet. He has said he would like to live closer to his work in Boise, and we've casually looked at houses with our wishlist and gotten an average price. We're looking at  $850 a month on average plus utilities. Once we have a car we can start working out the budget to see when we can move. I can't wait to be back in my old neighborhoods with my old delivery places. Don't get me wrong, I love trying new food joints, but some things you just don't mess with. One of them is Chinese delivery.
   I'm 12 weeks, 2 nearly 3 days pregnant today. Ironically my due date is Brandon's birthday. He didn't believe me at first, but the midwife verified. That means I'll have 2 red babies. A ruby like Brandon and a garnet. Funny how that works out. Life is funny in general.

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