Saturday, December 8, 2012

Raymond is back!

   We picked our dog up from the pound yesterday. It felt good. He's home now, and we're keeping a very watchful eye on him so he doesn't take off again. I don't know what it is about this little guy, but he loves to wander. He loves to stray from home. We've been accused of being a bad home for him because otherwise he wouldn't leave, but he's escaped from other places as well. My dad's, Brandon's family's house, Morgan's... he's just a wanderer. I could take him on the longest walks and he'd still try to get out and walk himself. The biggest problem with that is he's trusting and friendly and could get hurt or taken by a stranger that may not be a good home for him. He could get hit by a car or beat up by another dog. He also doesn't come home. I don't know if he gets lost, or what, but he doesn't come back.
   My mom had a dog named Jack. He was a minpin chihuahua mix, and he used to pull the same stunts as Ray any time someone took their eyes off of him. He was an awesome dog, but the little guy wanted adventures, I guess. Dogs are weird. Too big for their bodies and too willing to go forth and explore the world, but that's a good thing. People should be more like that, I think.

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