Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We'll be doing it differently next time.

   Yesterday was CRAZY. First of all, I'm going to chew my neighbor out if he ever comes by my house again. Christmas Eve Cooper was getting over being sick, and we finally got him to sleep next to me on the couch. The neighbor comes over at 9:30 (Cooper's bed time) and pounds on the door, making the dog go nuts. Brandon cracks open the door and whispers, because Cooper is on the couch a few feet away, telling Neighbor that Cooper is asleep on the couch and has been feeling icky, so we're not inviting anyone in tonight so he can sleep. He tells him we have plans first thing in the morning and the last thing we need is to have a cranky, sleep deprived baby. Neighbor listens to the whole thing, and then pushes past Brandon anyway and walks into our house trying to talk to me about his new Aryan memorabilia. He knows I disagree with the Aryan philosophy and his whole lifestyle. He just doesn't care. He continues talking, bitching about his family on Christmas, about all the extra housework, about not being able to smoke in his house because of the company.
   Every time he pauses I tell him we're trying to let our sick baby sleep, so he should probably go. He ignores me. Cooper is waking up. I'm clearly getting angry at this point. Eventually I just stop responding to him and stare at the door until he FINALLY takes the hint and leaves. The damage is done though. Cooper is awake. He ended up staying awake until 4am. I was literally so angry I wanted to go next door and punch Neighbor in his loud mouth and tell him to learn social etiquette. Then at 8am Christmas day we were woken up to a semi honking across the street. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Great way to start the day.
   I ended up not getting to spend the day with Brandon. I missed part of the afternoon with Cooper. Cooper got to see two sets of grandparents, so that was great for him, but I think next year we're going to do the thing with the grandparents on Christmas eve day, and spend Christmas at home. I just didn't get to enjoy the day like I had hoped. We woke up at 8 and didn't stop running until we went to bed. We took Cooper to Morgan's, then I took him to my dad's for 2 hours, then Brandon took him to his mom's for 2 hours, then we drove home and set up all the new toys and put everything together, then I got to work cooking our Christmas dinner for our friends. We ate and it was time to get Cooper ready for bed.
   Brandon came in to get Cooper from my dad's, and said hello, but beyond that didn't have to spend time with them on Christmas, and I did the same with his family, which was nice. I like that we can be nice in the same room but that there are no expectations for us to have to foster relationships with each other's families. Sometimes I miss Brandon's family, but then I remember how toxic it always turns out to be for everyone involved, and this is so much healthier, and it doesn't put Cooper and Brandon in the position of being caught in the middle. Same with Brandon and my family. I guess some people just don't mesh even when they try their best.
   Brandon and I have been talking lately about telling everyone some stuff earlier than we planned, but I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to give him a chance to be comfortable talking about it and tell his family so they don't hear anything from someone else and get their feelings hurt. Last night he pretty much told me to be as open about it as I want and that he would talk to them when they asked about it, so I'm going to just talk about it, even if it's only here. I kind of use this blog to vent and stuff anyway, since I'm alone a lot. I'm going to start telling people about baby number 2. I was going to wait until after Cooper's birthday, when I was in the second trimester and the risk of miscarriage was much lower, but I NEED to talk about it. At first I was really worried, but we're back on track and everything is looking up, so I'm getting excited. We've picked a girl name already. I've been working on the baby registry. I have an appointment on the 3rd. Brandon is still stressed about it, but he stresses about everything he doesn't have a lot of control over, so he's trying to get himself under control and be happy instead of worried.
   I think we're still going to wait until after Cooper's birthday to tell everyone, but it's nice to be able to just talk about it here. Brandon's a great dad, and I love being a mother, so while this was kind of a shock and at first we weren't happy in the least, we're starting to see it as a happy accident, just like Cooper.

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