Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm actually starting to feel a little guilty about all of it.

   My husband is easily the best man I've ever met. He has such a big heart and loves doing sweet things for the people he cares about when he can. He always goes out of his way to make my birthday special, as well as every holiday. He is always bringing home little treats and toys for Cooper. Almost every night Coop gets a little something, and spends special play time with his daddy. He is constantly showing affection and being sweet, even when he's being a jackass. Which he is more than capable of being.
   Lately he's been extremely giving. I think it's because he's doing well at his job and can finally afford to spoil Coop and I. And spoil us he has been. Yesterday I got back home from my short stay in Emmett with Cooper, and he took me to the kitchen and gave me the new "surprise" he got me. It was the hardback Good Eats: The Early Years cookbook. It came with a poster. I nearly cried. It was so sweet and so perfect. He also got me a couple little things for the kitchen, like new frying tongs to go with it. He was so nervous I wasn't going to like it, which is funny, because I've never disliked a single gift he's gotten me, but he just wants Cooper and I to have things we love so he over thinks it. I LOVE it. Alton Brown is one of my favorite TV personalities of all time. Good Eats is my favorite show. I've seen every episode. It's what inspired me to learn food science and start playing with my own recipes and to try things I never would have had the guts to try before. I seriously love it. He did so well.
   Last night I got an email notification that the tea set that I've wanted for over a year and that was on my wedding wishlist was on clearance and nearly sold out. I got on the site and they had one left. I started talking to a friend of mine about what a bummer it was and how I'd just have to wait and find another one to get this summer. We were in team chat and my friend asked for a link to see it, so I sent the link. A few minutes later the last one sold. Sad. Brandon then sent me a new link with order information. He had bought it for me. He bought the very last one as a belated wedding present. I feel really bad. I was kind of in shock, and he mistook that for me not wanting it and it hurt his feelings, but I love it and I am happy. I just feel sort of guilty that he keeps buying me gifts. He's just so sweet and I know I've been grouchy lately, and hormonal, and whiny about not being able to eat dairy.
   The tea set is beautiful. It's glazed white porcelain set for two, with a little red faun standing for the first time, with a red leaf border. It has scalloped edges and squared handles. It's a set for two, with dainty little cups on saucers, a classic, squat, rounded teapot, a short little sugar dish and a milk pitcher. The milk pitcher is my favorite thing about it. I love the way the spout curves and the different sized scalloped rim. It's so lovely. I have a picture. Brandon and I drink tea and have breakfast together on quite mornings on his days off, and we haven't had a tea pot. Mine finally kicked the bucket a couple months ago. Now I just need an infuser for the pot, and a kettle for the water. We're going to order some good tea, since lately the bagged tea we've bought has been sub par. My favorite is Irish Breakfast, and I'm thinking of ordering some from The Mighty Leaf, as well as some other flavors I'm itching to try. Then again, I might just wander around downtown Boise after my next midwife appointment and check out some of the little shops down there and see what I can find. I love tea. I've loved tea since I was little. While everyone else in my family was developing a taste for coffee, I was drinking tea with Morgan and Pete a few towns over. Now I've managed to get Brandon, A.K.A Mr.-I-Only-Like-Iced-Tea to love it too. Then again, he thought he hated most cheeses too. Wrong! He now has money in our food budget just for gourmet cheeses. Ha. I win. XD
   Here's a picture of the new tea service I'll have by the end of next week:
   I'm SO EXCITED! My husband is a sweet heart. He is so getting a massage tonight.

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