Monday, February 25, 2013

Mateys in coconut milk.

   The first bite was weird and off-putting. The next bite was a little less so. By the fourth bite I didn't even notice that it wasn't normal milk. It was much easier for me to adapt to than almond milk. It also has a lot more vitamins and minerals per serving then the almond milk. I'm actually beginning to enjoy it, and the best part? It doesn't make me feel sick. At all. I ate an entire bowl of cereal without feeling sick. I was able to enjoy a bowl of cereal with my kiddo this morning, and feel great. It happened to be Marshmallow Mateys, which is kind of funny. Pirates and coconuts. Haha.
   Cooper and I are making banana cake, and banana bread today. We'll make one cake, and 2 loaves of bread. One loaf to eat at breakfast this week, and the other to freeze and pull out later. I don't like banana bread. Bananas aren't my favorite, but I like them plain if they are just barely ripe, still a little green on the stem. My boys LOVE bananas, so when we have them, if they don't get eaten, I make something special out of them. Even if it's just banana bread.
   My Cooper is a weirdo. He loves Flaming Hot Cheetos. His favorite are the jalapeno cheddar. Yuck. He and Brandon eat bags of them together. He eats a bunch of them, and then says, "Oh no! Spicy!" and chugs some milk. It's adorable.
   I know, I know. A two-year-old eating that garbage. I'm the world's worst mother. Ha! We also give him a little caffeine free soda when we get happy meals. We eat really well, we focus on healthy food at home. It's all about moderation. Healthy most of the time, junk from time to time as a special treat. It's working for us. Cooper is super healthy, now that he's over the flu. He's the right weight for his height, he's got strong bones and muscles, he's on track for his cognitive development, and most importantly he's happy. He's a happy kid. Sometimes I think we give him a little too much, because every now and then he acts like the boss, and we have to remind him that he doesn't get everything he wants. I'm pretty stinking proud of my little boy though.
   I'm officially halfway through the pregnancy. It feels good to be over the hump. It's like now I can see the end. I've made it this far, I know the rest won't take as long as it felt like before. Here's to 20 weeks! I need to get through this week and next week, and I'll finally be able to stop worrying constantly. I wish this baby would move more. I get a few small movements every day, but nothing like Cooper. It makes me nervous that something is wrong. I need to stop fretting. I've chewed my lips into hamburger and my nails are starting to get soft from me tapping on my teeth all the time. My next midwife appointment is next Thursday. I'm pretty excited. It's at 3. I've been gaining weight slowly but steadily, which kind of bums me out some days, but is exciting anyway because it means I'm healthy. I'm getting round and feel great. Still tired a lot, but that's winter for me.
   This week is going to be good. I can tell.

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