Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today *Updated*

   Has not been a good day. Time to try out that new lemon chicken recipe I've been saving for a mucky day. Maybe get some baking done. I've been listening to a lot of music today, especially stuff that makes me feel. It always helps me feel better to listen to music, even stuff that makes me cry. In fact, especially stuff that moves me like that. I've been really into Macklemore (who hasn't?) lately. He has a lot of music I like, but Same Love is my current favorite song. I listen to it a lot. The video is so beautiful.
   Cooper has been terribly ill, but he seems to be doing better. He's been eating like a horse today. I was awful worried about him for a while there. He had a crazy high fever and was puking everywhere. His fever was so high he was shaking. We went to the doctor and he had the flu and some other viral gunk, so we just had to keep the fever down and hope for the best. Turns out the best was ok, but it was frightening. I'm glad he's getting better.
   The weather has been wretched today. Spring was teasing me and I loved it. I wish it would come back. We had rain and snow today. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Who am I kidding, OF COURSE it will be better. :)

   I didn't end up baking, but that's ok. I DID end up making lemon chicken. It's one of Brandon's favorite things, and sadly there isn't a good Chinese place around here, and it's not on most of the decent menus, so he doesn't get it. That's not going to be an issue anymore. I found a really simple recipe for lemon chicken, changed a few things here and there to add flavor other than lemon and sugar. I added ginger, and a little garlic, some soy sauce, and I think next time I'll dice some green onion for the top. It was SO YUMMY, super easy and fast to make, and tasted as good as the restaurant I used to get it from. Brandon says it's as good as his favorite place, too, just a little different. He's asked me to start making it more often. It took all of 40 minutes to make between the steamed rice, chicken, lemon sauce, and with frequent Cooper and phone interruptions, so on a good day I'd say I could whip it up in 25-30 minutes. It was seriously delicious. Next time I want to make fried rice to eat with it, and steamed veggies.
   Brandon and Cooper built a little wooden race car toy together tonight. It was super cute to watch them, and Cooper LOVES his special new toy. He named it Cesco, pronounced Ches-Ko, after Francesco Bernoulli from Cars 2. He took it to bed with him tonight. It made me feel good to see them doing something special like that together. Brandon is an incredible dad. I'm so lucky and so proud.

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