Friday, March 29, 2013

I... AM A GIRL! *weeps softly*

   I really am though. I love bows, lace, ruffles, pearls, gold, and pink. That's not to say that's ALL I am. Realistically I am kind of a tomboy and a badass. I love going shooting and muddin', I grew up riding horses and four-wheelers, I can catch, gut, and properly cook fish, pluck, gut, and cook up birds, I love camping, and I LOVE playing video games. I like concerts, dive bars (even though I don't drink), playing in the dirt, hiking, and before Cooper was born my best friend and I would go long boarding once a week to get her dog out. I wasn't good at it, but it was fun and I liked it. I liked snowboarding, too, but I was dismal at that. All that being said, I am still a girly girl. I prefer dresses to pants any day of the week, like looking pretty, and just so happen to love the color pink. Which is where I have a problem.
   Finding pink stuff that isn't hideous hot pink is hard enough given my more masculine hobbies. I prefer petal pink, that soft, effervescent pink that is reminiscent of tutus and pink roses. The kind of pink that just looks... feminine. I go through these phases where I'm obsessed with a color and it has to be just right. For a solid year and a half it was mustard yellow. Now it's pink.
   Brandon and I are slowly working on upgrading our computers. I really want to start playing more competitively, and he just likes having nice things (who doesn't?), so to do that we need to start slowly upgrading one thing at a time. Right now while we're catching up on bills and saving for the baby, we're upgrading the small things. Peripherals. Brandon already got a really nice SteelSeries mouse, and I was supposed to get one next.Unfortunately, no one makes pink. There are a couple hot pink mice, and even petal pink mice from Logitech and Microsoft, but that's not an upgrade from what I have, and I wanted something really nice. I've never had anything really lovely that was mine first as far as electronics go. At least, not since the purple Gameboy Advance I got for my birthday when I was 13. I love the mouse Brandon got. It fits my teeny tiny little hands perfectly, it's weighted just right in the back, and it's very sleek. No excess buttons. Nothing close to it comes in the color I so desperately want. SteelSeries makes headphones in the color I'm looking for, so those are on my list, but it's just so frustrating.
   The closest I've found is a discontinued mouse on eBay called the Iron Lady, also SteelSeries. It's the color I want, but it's a bigger mouse, with an annoying contour, and extra buttons. It's MUCH bigger than this one. Almost an inch wider and half and inch longer. It's ugly, bulky, and I hate everything about it other than the color. I seriously do not understand how it's possible that I'm the only woman that plays video games, that also likes girly things. This is not ok.
   Ok. I'm done venting now. I just got really frustrated and don't really have a lot of people to talk to about it, so internet, you now get the brunt of my whining. Enjoy that.

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