Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes I can't help it...

...I need to feed my addiction. Today I've eaten 3 oranges, a banana, 4 kiwis, some watermelon, and some blackberries. My mouth is numb from all the acid, but it was worth it.
   Not having dairy has been an adjustment, especially since we used to have root beer floats almost every night. Fruit is my replacement for my favorite dairy-based desserts, you know, the cheesecakes, chocolate and banana cream pies, milkshakes, floats, ice cream, Nutella... you get the idea. It's probably a LOT healthier for me. I'm craving sweets, and fruit keeps me from eating a ton of candy and cookies that I really don't need. Plus vitamin C helps with iron absorption.
   Cooper is all sorts of congested today. He's in a good mood though, and isn't acting as if he has a sore throat or anything, so I'm just keeping an eye on him and wiping his nose regularly and taking wipes to his face every now and then to keep it from getting goopy. He hasn't had much energy today, which had been nice. I didn't get much sleep last night. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm came out a few days ago and my husband got the collector's edition. He's been staying up WAYYYY too late playing it. I usually fall asleep on the couch by about 1am waiting for him, then he moves me into bed whenever he's done. Between coughing all night, having to get up to pee all the time, and Cooper waking up at all hours getting me out of bed to tuck him back in, I'm pretty wiped out. I don't know what the deal is with him waking up in the middle of the night, but I'm not digging it.
   I'm thinking about letting Cooper go to my dad's for a night. He hasn't been over there in a long time. Brandon and I could use some extra sleep. I just don't like letting him stay there overnight. He comes back with a terrible attitude. He doesn't get that way when he stays with my mom, or Brandon's family. They love him, and I don't know if they are moving away this summer, but I want him to spend time with them if they do end up going. It's just frustrating to get my little boy back after a night or two and have him FLIP OUT for at least a day. Not sure what to do.
   I know we're out of milk and juice as of right now, so I have to walk Cooper to the store now. It's unfortunate the weather is so mucky today. I would have loved a bright and sunny day.
   Baby hasn't moved much today. That always gets to me a little bit. I'm hoping Baby gets more active today. I like feeling those healthy little movements. It's reassuring.

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