Friday, March 8, 2013

Well, Sicky Sickerton, aren't you looking lovely today?

   Last night I went to bed feeling fine. A bit of an itchy throat, but nothing serious. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was dying. Today, I am sick. So I'm in jammies, eating breakfast for every meal, being lazy as can be. Brandon is home today, so he's taken over most of my daily responsibilities. He's already done laundry and dishes. It feels good to be able to sit on my butt and hydrate. I still feel sick, but at least I'm not having to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to get everything done while feeling like a big squishy poop.
   I hate being sick. Right now it hurts to swallow, my glands are so swollen it's making my neck all stiff, my sinuses are beating my face up, and I've had a fever off and on all day, which I've been taking Tylenol for. I don't really get to take anything else right now, so Dayquil and Emeren-C are out, which is unfortunate since I live on that stuff when I'm sick, normally. Oh well. Apple juice and scrambled eggs are good for now. I'm just hoping it isn't something icky like strep. I get it almost every year, and I haven't this year, but that's what it feels like. I'm SERIOUSLY hoping this is just some nasty viral thing that I need to sleep off for a few days. Fingers crossed, eh?
   Morgan and I have been talking about making and selling cloth diapers together as a little WAHM project for extra cash. She's been talking to some local distributors that are interested in carrying locally-made products, and we could make decent money, enough to fund fun activities for the kiddos. We both sew really well, and can read patterns, and all that jazz, and I've been talking to a lot of the moms I know that make them for their Etsy stores, and have gotten a lot of encouragement and help getting started. We could make dryer balls, pail liners, wet bags, and diapers, all for relatively little, and then turn around and sell them for a reasonable profit while still keeping cost down. I think it's gross how expensive cloth diapers are, and I've been looking into the material costs and time it takes to make them, and charging $18 a diaper is just not ok. Heck, Goodmama diapers are $45 a piece and up! It's crazy. I'd much rather make cloth diapering as easy to dive into as possible for people just starting to look into it, and prices can be one of the most overwhelming things.
   I just think it would be a productive way to spend time with my friend, and benefit the community while doing something that allowed me a little income while spending all day with my kiddo. I think it would be really great. We're going to work out the details and decide if it's something we want to do in the next couple weeks. I'm kind of nervous about investing time and money into it if it's not going to work out, since I could easily use the money to buy extras for Cooper and Baby. I don't know. I guess I'll look for more encouragement or advice before diving in.
   I'm off to watch the last season of Being Human (the UK version) on Netflix. Cooper will be up soon and then I need to figure out dinner. I'm guessing they don't want eggs and potatoes. :)