Friday, March 1, 2013

It's here!

   I love my postman today. My tea set came a day before the estimated arrival date, which I love, and the postman gave Raymond a treat when he delivered it.
   Seriously, this thing is everything I had hoped for and more. It's so much cuter than the pictures online. I wish we had a working camera so I could get pictures that do it justice. Cooper and I had a tea party as soon as I washed it. He had fun and likes tea a lot, so it was nice. I was a little bit terrified he would break it, but he was very careful.
   I am so excited to make tea with breakfast tomorrow. Brandon got me an infuser for the pot, which is awesome. Now I just need some great tea. I might go pick some up with Cooper at Albertsons today to get me by until I can order some really spectacular tea. Lately I've been drinking green and white teas because I am very particular about my black teas, and almond milk is just not the same as a splash of creamy full fat milk. Plus for whatever reason the almond milk separates funny. Not a fan. I'm sure I'll find something good to substitute with. I love iced white tea. It's delightful. I'm going to make it a lot this summer, I think, since it's low in caffeine and has a few great benefits on top of being really refreshing. There are some awesome flavors, too.
   I've loved tea since I was a kid. It's gotten me through early morning classes, late night feedings, breakfast hangovers after concerts with my best friend, and was something I had with my husband over cream of wheat and a game of chess every morning at our first apartment. It good stuff. I'm so stoked to have a lovely little tea set.
   Brandon's off for the weekend tomorrow, so we're going to have tea and French toast, and then take Cooper to the park. Life is good, in spite of the bumps, and in my case partially BECAUSE of a bump. :)

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