Sunday, March 10, 2013

I should just give up

on ever being able to sleep in. It doesn't matter that we let Cooper stay up SUPER later again last night, so he'll be sleeping until probably after 11. Or that Brandon is in bed and even the dog is being quiet now that I've let him out to go potty. I am awake. I've been awake since a little bit before 9. In spite of the fact that I think I'm honestly getting sicker after being a complete idiot and going out and being active yesterday instead of resting and getting fluids. It was my best friend's birthday and I suppose I must be a bit of a masochist. I'm now going out with my mother today to a spa party because I told her I would ages ago and I don't want to bail on her now at the last minute, so I'm going to take some Tylenol and drink some hot tea with mint on the way and buck up. It's not often my mom and I go do stuff together that doesn't involve Cooper or my midwives, so I'm looking forward to it. She and I have been talking pretty regularly, and it feels good.
   Cooper got to see a few of his favorite people last night. He was so excited. He loves his grandparents and uncles so much, and I figured since I was in Boise and had a reliable ride to and from, I would give Brandon's family a chance to spend time with him. Out of everyone it seems like they get substantially less time with him than anyone just because they don't have a super reliable vehicle for getting all the way out here to pick him up, and we still don't have a car. We were trying to buy one, but we just keep getting hit with extra expenses and it's put us back so far that now we're having to wait again. No van for this momma right now. I was really upset, but I guess we're just back to where we started, and haven't really lost anything, so really it just means I can still look forward to getting one this summer. Hopefully BEFORE Baby is born.
   More progress on the cloth diaper stuff. I am working on drafting a pattern for a fast-drying AIO, and a pattern for pockets. I'm thinking we'll start with OS and then IF we can turn a profit, move to fitteds as well depending on demand. I'll be in Boise on Tuesday for a midwife appointment, so I'm going to pop into BCD and find out what our options are there. If everything goes well, we've talked about HyenaCart, Etsy, and even this blog as possible venues for selling our stuff. I have all the math done for start-up costs, and Brandon has been really supportive and encouraging. Yesterday he said, "You're so overzealous, hyper-focused, and crazy competitive when you find something to throw yourself into that you invest yourself completely until you ARE successful. I know you can do it because you're weird like that." I'm not sure if it's a compliment, but I'm going to take it as one. He's either saying I'm selectively type-A, or that I'm awesome, but that either way I can be successful and do something that would be good for people while hopefully turning a profit.
   Drafting my own pattern has been interesting. I can't just use a pattern from elsewhere because I couldn't sell someone else's intellectual property, for both moral and legal reasons. So what I've done is extensively researched the two most popular types of diapers, found measurements of the most highly rated brands, gotten tips and advice from WAHMs that make and sell them, compiled a list of common traits in highly rated diapers and patterns, and taken qualities that I think will make the highest quality OS pattern that will fit a broad spectrum of body types, and have started working on my own pattern. It's funny, because even in OS diapers, the measurements are so vastly different from brand to brand and each one has it's die-hards and it's nay-sayers. I've come to the conclusion it's impossible to please everyone or make a universal OS diaper. My goal with this is to try to make a pattern that will fit the average 7 pound baby at it's smallest adjustment, up to my very-nearly-40 pound toddler. Morgan and I have great models for the viability of my pattern on different body types. Cooper has always been narrow. Even as a "chubby" baby, he was just small. I still have some of his old disposable dipes that I can take general measurements from, since he was 7 pounds 2 ounces, and his diapers pretty much fit like a dream, and I'll try to match the small adjustment to that as closely as possible, since newborn disposables fit up to 14-15 pounds, and that's what generally the range we want the small adjustment on the cloth to fit.
   Morgan's daughter is chunky. She's a healthy girl, but her body type is different, so she just happens to be larger than Coop was. Her birth weight was smaller, but she's grown a ton and is taller and broader than Cooper was. She's big enough now to try the medium size adjustment. Cooper is perfect for getting the right fit on the biggest adjustment of the diaper, but I want to make the side snaps adjust out wider than he is currently because he is SO narrow. I might see if my cousin will let me test them on her stocky little boy. He's bigger than Cooper, and broader. Poor Cooper just comes from tiny stock, I guess. He's a little thing.
   Speaking of my darling Cooper, I have a hilarious couple of pictures!

The baby was kicking, and Cooper was being a goofball about it.

 He found one of my tank tops, and decided to put it on and practice being a cool dude.

Now he's trying to imitate mommy doing the gangster and ever classy "duck" face. 

More of him trying to be like mommy.

This is what he was trying to copy. Gorgeous, right? I am all sorts of photogenic. Ha!

   Oh! My husband's mother also found her sewing machine and has offered to let me use it for a while. I am pretty excited because Morgan's still hasn't been repaired, and this way we can start making our practice diapers and refining the pattern to perfection, and then make our first couple batches for selling! I'm pretty stoked right now. One less thing to have to wonder about.
   The more I research and work on this little project, the more determined I am to succeed. I just hope Morgan is really as invested in it as I am. I'm not sure I can do it on my own with Cooper, and soon another baby. I'm going to need another hand. Heck, we could probably BOTH use another person to help out with this, but I don't know anyone in the area that would be interested and can actually do the work involved. We're going to have to draw and cut patterns, organize materials, keep track of costs and hopefully profits, sew diapers, inserts, and doublers, add snap, aplix, tags, and any appliques, make dryer balls and crochet covers for them, all while taking care of the kiddos.
   I'm off to shower and continue to think about the logistics of my latest obsessive project. LET'S DO THIS!

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