Monday, May 27, 2013

Baby in my ribs...

please get out of my ribs. It's not comfortable. It's rather painful. Cooper messed up my ribs really bad, and you're not helping matters by using them as a springboard. I love you, Baby, but this is not cool.
   I am freaking tired today. I think tomorrow I'm going to ask if I can sleep in. Brandon is usually awesome about letting me get extra sleep when I need it. I'm usually not able to sleep past about 8:30, so even if he agrees to take over Cooper duties, I will probably be up anyway. I tried taking a nap when Cooper did yesterday. I was woken up 5 different times in 2 hours before I gave up. It was pretty much the worst nap ever. Still, I'm glad I have a husband that understands how tired I am lately and is willing to pick up some slack so I can rest while I have the chance. Once the new baby is here I'm going to be a lot busier.
   Tomorrow I'm making scones with orange blossom honey butter. Right now I'm going to go lay my pregnant butt on the couch and watch a movie with Brandon before bed. Cooper is finally in bed for the night, and it's pouring rain, and it's the perfect night for stove-top popcorn and a good movie.
   I will leave you with this, internet:
This is my son being a sodabot. It's awesome. Enjoy.

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