Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things that I need to accomplish in the next few days...

   My incredible husband took on the momentous task of deep cleaning the house for me as a late Mother's Day/ birthday gift. It looks really good. I helped, and managed to drag 4 trash bags of stuff out of the house yesterday. It's funny how much STUFF accumulates in a year, and it feels good to throw out all the unnecessary junk. Our whole house feels fresh and much roomier without all the extra crap hanging out here and there, taking up space and getting strewn about by a messy toddler. Brandon cleaned the living room and started the kitchen, and helped with the bedroom, and took on Cooper's room with Cooper's help, and mine toward the end. We still need to finish our bedroom (just hauling the last of the STUFF out and vacuuming), the kitchen (a handful of bulky dishes and mopping), and the bathroom (sweeping and wiping everything down really fast). We're waiting until evening to finish because it gets really hot in our house during the day, but in the evening we can throw the doors open and it stays cool.
   I was starting to feel like we had outgrown this little apartment, but now that all the STUFF is out, it feels big again. It could use a fresh coat of paint since Cooper took artist markers to the walls and I was taking paint off trying to scrub it off. It could also probably use a good carpet steam, since our lovely toddler has had a few spills, but it's really a very charming little place. The landlord never showed up to open the windows today. Hopefully that happens soon and he installs the new air unit. It gets so hot in here without it.
   Brandon had a final job interview for a new job today. He'll know by the end of the week whether or not he has a job and when the next training classes start. We're having to stretch everything out until then, and I'm a little nervous about making it all work, but I am positive he got the job. The interview went well, and he passed all the tests, and was well above the requirements. We're not putting all of our plans into this job until we know for sure, though. We've been discussing other opportunities he's been offered just in case.
   The baby shower is this weekend. Thursday I'm going into Boise to pick up the last of the stuff we need, and to grab Brandon's little brother to come stay with us for the weekend. Inez and Charlie are also coming over on Friday to help me bake all the desserts. Then Saturday we're going to be busy having fun. I'm pretty excited. Of course my dad backed out of being there at the last minute. I don't know if they are going to let my sisters go. They are still trying to talk me into having a separate celebration with them. It's not happening. I'm standing my ground on this one. THEY made the choice to divorce without making the effort to be civil. Now they feel uncomfortable with each other. I was a kid. I didn't have any say in it. Now I'm an adult and I want to be surrounded by the people that love me during moments that matter to me. I'm not going to deal with the stress of walking on eggshells and planning 3 of everything. Grow up and get along at least enough to be civil a couple times a year, or don't be there when it counts, and know that it hurts me that they can't put aside petty things and be there for me, their child, who they chose to have and then forced to split between multiple families. Their choice.
   I have a bunch of baby shower stuff to make. No one other than Brandon's family has even given me a rough estimate of who all they are bringing, and I may as well not have put an RSVP request on the invite. My family sucks at RSVPing. I'm not sure who all is going to be there, if they are bringing their kids, how much food to buy... it's made all the planning that much more annoying. Brandon's family has been a HUGE help in putting it all together, and so has Inez. No one else is communicating with me. It's kind of frustrating, but on the other hand, I knew what to expect. I swear, though, if anyone objects to any part of the shower after I gave everyone the chance to give input, I'm going to go all pregnant bear on them and possibly cry.
   I'm pretty stoked about the shower. We're going to play a handful of not-sucky games, like Pin the Sperm on the Uterus, Old Wives Tales, and a betting game. I think we've finally decided on prizes for the game winners: we're going to buy lottery tickets. Because it's a co-ed, all ages shower, I had a really hard time coming up with affordable prizes that everyone would like. Scratch tickets are fun, it's like a mini-game itself, and if they win big, that's even better. As a kid I loved scratch tickets and always wanted to get one when my mom went to the gas station, and if it won she'd cash it out for me and buy me a soda. Now as an adult I still like them sometimes when we have a spare dollar or two. We've started putting them in Christmas stockings for our friends and they love it, so I thought it was a really good way to include a prize that at the very least was gender neutral and wouldn't cost a zillion dollars.
   So far the weather isn't looking like it wants to cooperate for a water balloon fight, which is sad. I'll come up with something else to make it fun, though. Knowing Idaho, the forecast will change between now and then anyway. So far it's predicted to be 76 with up to 10 mile an hour winds. Certainly not warm enough for me to participate in any water antics. Maybe if the wind isn't that intense Cooper will still be up for it though. Who knows?
   Silly Idaho weather.

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