Friday, May 24, 2013

Sleep apnea is awesome.

   Not! My poor husband has a hard time sleeping. He can't seem to maintain normal breathing, and moans in his sleep during the worst of it. It happens a lot at night and has been waking me up lately. It's gotten worse over time. I'm not sure if it's because he's gained a little weight over the years, or if it's exacerbated by something in the house, or if it's just naturally worsening. It's the worst when he's on his back. He's sleeping next to me right now and his breathing is fairly regular, but every now and then he has these stretches where you can hear a change in his breathing and it stops or reduces dramatically, and then he's breathing hard to make up for it, to the point where he's moaning from being winded. He doesn't snore or anything. I worry about him. I don't think he understands just how much I worry about him sometimes. I need him to be healthy for our kids and I. That's probably why I'm so anal about him taking care of himself. Pushing him to eat healthy foods with me, go to the dentist, cut back on caffeine when he's going overboard.
   Sometimes I worry that I come off as nagging, and I know I'm not his mother and he's a grown man and can do what he wants. If he wants to take caffeine pills and drink 6 Redbull in a day, it's not really my place to tell him he can't. Still, it freaks me out, so I DO say something and ask him to cut back and tell him how much it bothers me. When he broke a couple teeth and they were hurting him, I DID push him to go to the dentist and get them fixed so they wouldn't get infected and cause him pain. I'm pretty pushy about things like that. It's because I care. I hope he knows that. It's because I want him around for our family for a long time. I never want to have to explain to Cooper why his hero is sick or never coming home again, so sometimes I do demand that he do things he doesn't want to for the sake of his health. We're young. We need to take care of ourselves now so we can grow old and enjoy it.
   Blake has been here since yesterday. He's a good kid. He played with Cooper a lot. It was good for Cooper. He doesn't get to play with other people enough. He's shy at the park most of the time, and generally wants to hang out with me or tries to play with the older kids. His uncle Blake gets down on his level and plays with him. Last night they ran all over the house and porch, doing tricks off the furniture and killing zombies and riding Cooper's bike, scooter, and fire truck. They watched a movie on the floor with all the pillows we could find in the house, I roasted some chick peas with honey and chipotle and some other spices for them to snack on. It was a good night. Blake fell asleep pretty early, around midnight, which I thought was really funny since he was talking about how he was going to be up all night and how freaked out he was about sleeping in a new house. He was worn out. Cooper was put in bed around 10:30, but didn't fall asleep until almost 1am because he wanted to get up and play with Blake. He was so cute.
   I don't think Blake is used to waking up as early as we do. I was up at 8 doing my own thing. Cooper woke up at 8:30, I hooked him up with some cartoons and got in the shower. Brandon and Blake got up at about 9 when I got out of the shower and Cooper's cartoon was over. Poor Blake seems to be dragging, but  he's being a good sport. He and Cooper are cutting shapes out of Cooper's scrapbooking paper. Cooper is making "stickers" for the baby shower. Hahahaha. He's so awesome.
   I'm going to go make breakfast, do a load of dishes, prep the fruit for the lemonade tomorrow since it needs to soak, pull out dough for scones, clean the bathroom, and tidy the living room before Inez and Charlie get here. Then we're all going to bake. Yesterday was awesome, today is going to be even better.

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