Wednesday, May 22, 2013

We got a lot done today!

   The baby shower is Saturday! It's so close. Today we sat down and made a bunch of the stuff we needed for it. Brandon made mustaches and I made bows for the photo area. I made the uterus game. It's pretty much awesome. It was really time consuming to make all the sperm though. I cut each one out individually and made each one look different, all with a unique tail, so it was hard. I bruised my knuckles on my scissors. They came out SUPER cute, though. It was worth it. So I no have my adorable pennant banner for the photo area, along with the props, which is really exciting. I hope everyone is willing to do pictures. I made 6 super cute bows, and Brandon made 8 mustaches, and we attached them all to sticks for photo booth props. I really want to get fun pictures. I have one game made. I also got some cheap yarn for the measurement guessing game. So two games down and the stuff for the photo booth made.
   Tomorrow I need to work on the calendar game, which is basically making a big calendar that encompasses most of June and July, and decorate the jar for the betting money to go in. Everyone is going to bet on when the baby is going to be born. It's gonna be $2 per bet, and once the baby is born we'll split the pot with the person that got the closest. People can bet more than once, but two people can't bet on the same date.
   I also need to make the Old Wives Tales game, which is basically a board with 13 old wives tales that predict gender, but I'm not going to write which gender each one predicts. Everyone is going to get some paper and guess which mean boy and which mean girl. Then I'll go to the board and put a mustache by the ones that mean boy and a bow by the ones that mean girl. Whoever gets the most right wins. Easy peasy. I just need to make the poster with the tales, and some little paper bows and mustaches.
   So tomorrow I need to make the two easy games. It's basically taking a sharpie to some poster board and gluing stuff to a jar to make it pretty, and of course cutting out a handful of paper shapes. All of which is fast, easy projects. There will be 4 games and the photo area. Plus the food, which again, Brandon's family has generously offered to help with. It's going to be too cold for a water fight, but there is plenty to do at the park beyond that, so I think it will be good. Since everyone cancelled we decided against the pinata, since there won't be many kids there now. I have a HUGE family, but getting them all together is a pain. As far as young kids being there, it's looking like it's just going to be Max, Cooper, and Allison. The rest will all be tweens, teens, and adults. Hopefully the kids all have fun though. That's important to me. It's part of why I picked the park I did. Cooper loves it. It's just the right size for him and there is a big field for him to play with Raymond and kick his ball around.
   We're going into Boise tomorrow to pick up the last few things on my shopping list for the shower, and to grab Brandon's little brother for the weekend. Then we're coming home and Brandon is making some of his delicious chicken wraps just the way I like them: heirloom orange tomatoes, dairy-free ranch, crispy bacon, roasted chipotle and smoked paprika chicken breast, lettuce, and avocado. Mmmmm.... I think Cooper will be pleased too. He loves bacon and veggies as much as I do. He'll probably pick out the chicken unless I shred his really finely though. He doesn't really do meat very well. Big bites of it make him gag, so I try to shred it up really small. I got strawberries for dessert. We have some whipped cream in the fridge for the boys to have with them.
   I love having extra people to cook for. I'm really looking forward to having Blake here. I'm sure he'll be sick of us by the end of the weekend, but it will be nice to have someone else to cook for and Cooper loves him to death. Friday Inez and Charlie are coming over, too, to help finish up the baking. I got dark chocolate for the molds for the tops of the cupcakes and I'll probably get some white chocolate for the mustache pops. I was planning on mixing some blue sprinkles in with the white chocolate to make them pretty and give them texture, and I've got the sprinkles. We're making a small mustache-shaped cake, and TINY strawberry cupcakes with white frosting and a little dark chocolate bow on top of each, and white chocolate mustache pops. We'll also be having hot dogs, strawberry and blueberry lemonade, simple fruit salad made of watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries, we'll have chips as well.
   So far this is shaping up to be a pretty awesome shower. I am excited. The people that show up are the ones that I want there, and anyone that doesn't isn't worth being sad about. I've put a lot of time and thought into this shower so we can celebrate with the people that support us and are happy to celebrate with us. That's exactly what we're going to do. We're going to have a damn good time.
   I am now very tired. Goodnight, little planet!

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