Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am pooped. Edited with pictures!

   Inez and I were up until after 1am making all the desserts for the baby shower today, and then I was up at 8, so I'm pretty tired. It was worth it though. Everything came out so cute, and tasted so good. We baked and decorated ourselves nearly to death. I could not have gotten everything done in time without her help. She did so much for me in the last few days. I am so grateful.
   We got to the park a little late, but everyone else was much later, so it worked out. The food was delicious and was promptly devoured. There was very, very little left over. Enough people played the games that it wasn't a waste of time for me to have spent the time making them, and they were actually pretty fun. Brandon got pictures of all the guests. He took them all in sepia tone, which ended up looking really cool, but in retrospect he wishes he had taken them in color and been able to edit them himself in Lightroom. We got a couple awesome things for the baby, including a folding travel co-sleeper that I LOVE, an awesome diaper bag set, a hand-written coupon for my aunt to make the baby a keepsake quilt after the birth so she can pick gender appropriate fabrics, and a bottle-drying rack. Cooper loved helping open presents. He likes ripping open the paper.
   Brandon's family came, which was great. My mom and Randy came and brought Sara, Inez and Charlie followed us into town, a couple of my aunts and uncles, and several cousins made it. Shyla and Max didn't show up, and a lot of my family couldn't make it because they had to work. My dad and step-mom and little sisters didn't bother coming, which stung a little, even though I knew they weren't going to. I haven't even spoken to them in over a week. The people that were there were great though. There was a lot of good conversation, happy people, and tasty food. It was really fun.
   So far almost everyone is rooting for team girl, which I'm all for. I would love to have one of each so I can be done. Hahaha. For now I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. I'm just sleepy.
   Brandon's mom got a lot of pictures, so I'll be stealing some from her to post. And I'll put up some of Brandon's later.

Here are the pictures!

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