Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blarg! Dairy is not my friend this pregnancy.

   So, I was all excited. I hadn't puked in a few days. That's a big deal. I was underweight before I got pregnant, and my morning sickness was so bad I was dropping pounds instead of gaining them. I'm supposed to gain 35-45 pounds this pregnancy. Not happening yet. Anyway, cue this morning. After not throwing up for over 72 hours I was feeling brave. One of my big food aversions has been dairy. Not because I didn't want it. It made me vomit a lot. When I was pregnant with Cooper all I wanted was milk. Now any milk, sour cream, yogurt, real cheese, it all makes me feel sick. I can keep down small amounts most days, but a glass of milk or a bowl of yogurt and granola has me hugging the porcelain thrown for hours. I figured I was getting passed it. No such luck. I have been unable to keep anything down today because being so brave I ate ice cream last night (just a few bites that I shared with Cooper), and then had yogurt AND cereal with milk in it for breakfast.
   Brandon came home with leftovers from lunch. He goes out to lunch a lot since he works in downtown Boise and has so many lunch options. I was so frustrated and hungry I started crying. He gets to go out and eat whatever he pleases and always gets stuff that trigger my food aversions, meanwhile, I feel like my stomach is eating itself and running to the toilet at the littlest bit of raw onion or real cheese. He's eating sweet pork enchiladas with pico de guio and cheese. Ugh. He's always bringing leftovers home and I can never eat anything and I was just so mad. Not at him, but at my body. I'm so sick of being hungry.
   He ran to Arctic Circle to get me a burger. I'm hoping I can eat it. It was so sweet of him to offer. Granted, he's getting himself a milkshake that I will be jealous of, but it's ok. If I can just keep down a burger, I might feel better. At least, I may not want to sob hysterically at the fact that I no longer get to have most of my favorite breakfast foods, lunch foods, or dinner foods, not to mention dessert. I'm REALLY hoping this whole puking thing doesn't last the whole pregnancy. I'm going to lose it if I have to skip another root beer float or baked potato.
   Vent over.
   Cooper is feeling better today. He's got a stuffy nose, but other than that, his cough is cleared up and he's back to being mostly full of energy. He took his nap on time today, which is unusual, but other than that he's been awake and playing. I guess letting him sleep and pumping him full of fluids did the trick. I'm glad it was a common sense thing and not something I needed to take him to the doctor for.
   Brandon is back.

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