Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice cream made me it's bitch last night.

   I was craving ice cream. I mean, gut wrenching, nothing else tastes quite right, can't stop thinking about it, pregnancy craving ice cream, which is weird, because through the duration of my pregnancy thus far, dairy has not been my friend. I've TRIED to drink milk, eat yogurt, and chow on some cottage cheese, but it makes me sick to my stomach. I'm drinking a ton of orange juice with added calcium, and trying to eat foods enriched with calcium and vitamin D to make up for it, and can handle a little bit of cheese or cream cheese on hot sandwiches, but I still get a mild tummy ache, so I avoid it.
   Last night I figured the craving was a good sign that maybe I could handle a little dairy better, so we went to the store, and on the way back, I got the small cherry dipped cone my body was screaming at my brain about. I got home, finished it up, and within 3 minutes was feeling like crap. I then proceeded to puke the whole thing up along with all the contents of my stomach while sobbing pitifully to Brandon, who was rubbing my back and holding my hair back. "I just wanted some ice cream!" *insert crying and more puking here*
   It was not pretty, but I think I'm officially giving up on dairy for the rest of my pregnancy. Lesson learned, this baby is insane and doesn't know what it wants, or is a dick. I'll keep that in mind. Ha.
   We're having company tonight so I have a little extra housework to do. I'm off to procrastinate with Brandon.

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