Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick baby is sick.

   My little darling is sick today. He started getting some yucky congestion yesterday morning, and by 4pm he had a fever and his nose was running as if there was a bear after it. He was coughing pretty bad, too, and sleeping a lot. So I made him a little bed next to me on the couch and let him rest all day. He woke up around 7, and was up watching movies with us until well after 2, which is when I gave up watching the clock hoping for sleep. He eventually fell asleep on a little bed next to our bed. Unfortunately, it was too good to be true.
   My dorky husband woke up for work this morning and forgot to turn off his alarm, so while he was pouring his coffee, it went off and woke us both up. 9am, after being up all night, sick baby was woken up. He was crying and miserable and nothing made him happy. Brandon kept apologizing. He felt really bad. Poor guy. Cooper literally did not stop crying about anything, everything, and nothing, for a solid hour and a half with me just holding him and trying everything to make it better. Trying to get breakfast together with a sobbing almost 40 pound toddler clinging to me was a challenge, but we finally got it sorted out and moved to the couch. I made him a little bed, and got him a cup of milk and a cup of orange juice, his cereal and his toast, I put on cartoons and let him lay there under the covers until he ate something, and once he had something in his belly, I gave him his medicine. He's not coughing so much, and his fever is down, but he's still miserable.
   I'm hoping he gets some rest soon. I hate when my boys are sick. Thankfully he was feeling ok until AFTER his birthday party, and he had a lot of fun. Brandon's family was sick, so they couldn't show up, and my dad's family chose not to come because my mom's family was there. That bummed me out. It's really too bad they don't want to figure out how to get along. This Christmas I figured out that it's just too much to keep everyone separate. I had to run around all day like a chicken with my head cut off, planning and coordinating, missing out on time with my boys, and all so no one felt uncomfortable and had to deal with each other. It's just too much. From now on, if they want to all be a part of big events for our family, they can buck up and get along. I'm not asking them to be friends or even be friendly, just courteous and respectful. I guess that's just too much.
   Brandon's family has been great about it all so far, which I really appreciate. As has my mom, and Inez and Charlie. My mom had to miss our wedding because my little sister is having some problems and there was an emergency appointment for her, but she was at Cooper's birthday party. Inez and Charlie came and stayed at our house Saturday night, and we all had fun until Cooper started feeling sick.
   I also told Jo that we aren't finding out the gender of the baby once and for all, and she was pretty ok with it. She was a little upset, but I think after all this time of me saying it's what I wanted, it wasn't a surprise for her and she accepted it. It was nice. I'm pretty relieved. I didn't want an argument, but I'm not changing my mind, and Brandon has my back. I'm a pretty tough cookie sometimes.
   My Cooper finally got his first haircut this weekend. I'm pretty divided on it. On one hand, he looks awesome, but on the other, I miss his gorgeous curls. Anyway, here he is, my sweet two-year-old boy:

Here is the birthday boy opening presents. He LOVES his new Brobee pillow, so thanks Inez for that!

Cupcake time!

Thursday before the haircut. Look at that hair!

Brandon and I getting married with Allison and Cooper as our bridal party. :D

   It's been a great week. I'm in the second trimester, so I'm more relaxed and not so scared all the time. Here's to a week as good as last week. Right now, my baby wants to sit with me. So I'm off to get some food and watch cartoons with my goob.

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