Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Because everyone likes to hear about poop.

   So far today, Cooper has been totally diaper free and had no accidents. At breakfast this morning, as we ate our oatmeal, he looks up from the table and farts, then giggles, and then gets a very serious face and tells me, "Momma, I farted. Now I have to poopoo." So we booked it to the toilet, and he climbed up there and pooped like it was nothing. That's a big deal. He then clapped, wiped his bottom, which I wiped again for good measure, since no one likes skid marks or a dirty pooper, and gave him a bandaid for making it to the potty.
   That's right, a bandaid. See, we had tried stickers, candy, little toys... nothing got him excited about going to the potty, until bandaids. He loves them. He gets a big one for poops, and a little one for peeing. He ADORES bandaids. Not even cool ones with pictures. The boring flesh-tone fabric Band-Aid brand bandages. Turns out the trick to potty training was finding a currency he was excited about, and of course my weird-o child would accept bandaids as his currency of choice. Oh well. They actually cost less than most candies and they aren't bad for his teeth or bed time. I'm pretty excited about that.
   Now that we're done talking about toddler bowl movements (which I am so proud of it's wrong on some level, I'm sure), let's talk about Baby. Morgan sent me a fetal heart monitor to help me relax until my crazy uptight self gets past the point of thinking we're still living on the edge of indescribable pain. I get to listen to Baby whenever I want now, and it's been so great. It helps me sleep to listen to baby right before bed. It's comforting to hear that steady little heartbeat move around between my hips, just a couple inches below my belly button.
   I have a midwife appointment on the seventh. That should be fun, too. I love my midwives. They are awesome. It's really neat to see Cooper interact with the women that helped him enter the world. I'm not going to lie, I have my favorite midwife, which kind of makes me feel a little guilty, but I'm hoping she can deliver Baby. She was there for Cooper's delivery, finishing her training to be a midwife, and I absolutely adore her. She's so calm and happy and cares so much.
   Cooper and I are going to go watch Yo Gabba Gabba and eat carrots. He's pretty much obsessed with that show. He has a big stuffed Brobee that's almost as tall as he is, and a little TY Brobee that he calls Baby Brobee and he carries everywhere with him. We've been practicing how to treat babies with Baby Brobee, which he's already really good about since he's been around Allison since she was a week or so old. Cooper loves babies. This is going to be so good. I'm getting more and more excited.


  1. Yay Cooper, I am so proud of you! And I love you so much too.

    Way to go mommy, great job with the potty training. What a wonderful milestone. :)

    Grandma V

    1. Is it weird that I just realized there was a comment on here? lol.