Friday, January 4, 2013

Today I will procrastinate.

   Some days it's so nice to just put stuff off. Most days I'm frustrated that I can't move faster or get more done. My morning sickness is all day now, and any time I do a lot of activity I hurl, which isn't pleasant, so I've been working on doing a little bit at a time and trying not to get overwhelmed when stuff piles up. Brandon's been really patient and understanding, and on weekends he helps out a lot, doing a load or two of dishes and cleaning the living room.
   This weekend we're purging the house and deep cleaning again. Moving the furniture, too. I'm excited. On Thursday, Cooper is turning 2, and Brandon and I are getting married, and then next weekend we're having Cooper's birthday party and announcing sometime after that I'm pregnant. Big things happening. It's pretty cool. Now to get Cooper ready to go to his Grandmother's for the weekend.

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