Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today everything was gilded in warm, soft, gleaming gold.

   Today my little boy turned 2. I picked him up cupcakes and made him special food. Today I became a wife to the best man that's ever lived. Today I was surrounded by smiling people. Today my best friend bought me flowers to hold while I married my man. She even remembered that I don't like roses and got me pink carnations for eternal remembrance and motherhood, and day lilies for festivities, and baby's breath for happiness. I think all are fitting. They were beautiful, all pink and white and gold. Everything about today was beautiful.
   After the wedding, we had dinner at a little Mexican place, I got a HUGE plate of the best nachos I've ever had. It was awesome. Now I'm at home with my baby, and I'm finally crying great big happy tears. Sometimes I get sad and overwhelmed. I battle a lot with depression and anxiety, and I try really hard not to let it show, and today I was reminded that my life is pretty awesome. I have people that love me, and my little family to stand by me, and no matter how hard it gets or how low I get, I have people to pull me out fo my funk and hug me. My life is fucking brilliant.
   New baby is going to be so loved, and Cooper is so loved, and I have the best family ever.

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