Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I KNOW the numbers make sense, but HOLY FREAKING CRAP!

   Lately I've been really interested in cloth diapers. So I started doing research. So far everything about cloth diapering makes sense to me. Before I had my son I probably would have thought it was gross, but I've had another person's poop where no poop belongs, so honestly, it's less nasty to me now than the thought of those disposable diapers sitting in my trash can for a couple days until the trash fills up and gets taken out. Yuck. I learned that it's actually illegal to put human waste in dumps, and the fine print on diaper boxes tells you to dump your child's poops in the toilet, which I didn't know. Call me stupid, but I honestly didn't know. Then I did the math. We spend $20 ever 2 weeks on diapers now. When Cooper was younger it was WAY more than that. He doesn't use as many diapers now because we're working on potty training and his diet is solids instead of formula, so he's not being changed every single time he eats. When he was little we were spending easily $25 a week because we bought the better brand. That's $100 a month before tax for the first year of his life. 100x12=$1200 the first year just on diapers, then $480 this year give or take. That's $1680 on diapers in 2 years. Almost $1700 BEFORE TAX. That is insane!
   Then I looked at what went into disposable diapers. There are carcinogens, chemicals out the wazoo, and the same stuff in tampons that can cause TSS. And I've been putting that against my baby's skin EVERY DAY HIS WHOLE LIFE. I can't believe I just did it without thinking. I'm so into researching everything for my son, and I didn't even think twice about what I was doing to his body or the environment by using disposable diapers. I am genuinely ashamed. I wouldn't call myself granola, but I tend to make informed choices even if it's not the same choice someone else would make. I didn't circumcise, we vaccinate, we made most of Cooper's first foods, I use a midwife, and every choice has been made on information and I was really proud of that.
   I started seriously looking into cloth diapers today, and I'm really overwhelmed. First of all, there was so much to research, between all the brands and styles and types and fabrics... so I read comprehensive reports and reviews on the top 5 rated brands. Jeez. There is still so much to know. Each brand has a million products and liners and covers and accessories and recommendations! So I asked CafeMom for a little bit of help and got it narrowed down even more. I think I know the brand and type I want, but I wish I could try them before I commit, especially after price checking. It's going to be $680 to get everything we need to have diapers from birth to potty training, including liners, shells, a special laundry sack for drying, a travel wet/dry bag, a diaper pail with liners, and a toilet attachment to rinse off diapers into the toilet hygienically so there isn't a huge amount of poop in the washer. Ha. Poop in the washer.
   $680 is less than $1700. But it's all at once, so it feels like so much. It also seems like a lot more work, but most of the cloth diapering moms I talk to say it's easy after the first week, because you get into a routine, and it's just an extra load of laundry a couple days a week, which makes it seem totally doable for me. I love doing laundry anyway. So I'm seriously considering cloth diapers. Which kind of makes me feel like a dirty hippy, but I guess that's a small price to pay for making healthier choices.
   I'm kind of worried about the reactions I'm going to get. Especially from my dad's side. They are already really pushing me to find out the gender, and aren't afraid to tell me that I'm insane for going with a midwife again, and lord forbid I tell them we delayed vaccinating Cooper for 3 months, and that I plan to do it again for this baby, because most of the reading I've done has shown a correlation between the weaker immune systems of younger babies being vaxed on time, and poor reactions. I agree with vaccination, I just feel it's potentially harmful on immune systems that haven't had the time to develop to tolerate them. They called it gross that I didn't circ my son, and I'm sure telling them I'm honestly hoping to successfully cloth diaper is going to be another battle to defend my sanity. I'm also sure they're going to use disposables whenever I'm not around, which honestly is fine since it won't be much for at least the first year, just like with Cooper. Sometimes I just feel like they have this idea of what normal parenting is, and anything else is crazy to them. It's upsetting, but it is what it is. I happen to be an awesome mom. I can say that with 98% assurance, almost every day. I mean, I have my moments where I'm like, "WTF AM I DOING?!" They always pass and my son is happy and healthy and so very sweet, so I know I'm doing it right, at least for us.
   Sometimes I feel so lucky to have Brandon to support my wacky granola-momma choices. It gives me confidence to do what I feel is right as a parent. With so many different opinions from all sides, it's really cool to have a united front.

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  1. I think cloth diapers are awesome. Good for you! :) I have seen some really adorable styles.